RedditBest: [WritingPromt] A wife kills her husband. Make me sympathize with both characters.


He was drunker than usual. Ordinarily, she would feel relief when he collapsed onto the couch by the TV. That meant he was too drunk to yell and fight. Tonight, she felt no relief. All she could do was watch him from the doorway, hoping he would drink the poisoned whiskey she had just poured him.

A lump sat in her throat as she watched his fat belly rise and fall with his labored breath. In his hand, he held the last drink she would ever pour for him. He sat there for a few minutes in silence without even looking at the glass of whiskey he clutched in his fat fingers. Then, without warning, he downed the entire glass in one movement.

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RedditBest: Save game system from a top-level programming standpoint


From a top level programming standpoint, state is evil, and saved games are all about preserving and restoring state, which is doubly evil. But let's break that down ...

So you play the game, and it takes up, say 1GB of regular RAM and 1GB of video RAM while running. A lot of that video ram is textures and stuff that you can reload when the game starts back up (though see below). But a lot of that RAM is taken up because the game is tracking game state: where your character is, where the NPCs and enemies are, what your character is carrying, what actions have ongoing consequences (i.e., you pushed a box, and the physics engine is telling the box how to fall), etc. If you just took that state and saved it to disk, your game saves would be huge -- like 1 -2 GB apiece, and it would take forever to write the save. So you need to divide that information into stuff that you need, but can be compressed, and stuff that you can rebuild the next time the game loads. That means that you a) have to figure out which information to save, and write software routines that extract that from RAM, b) have to figure out how to rebuild the rest of the information, and write the code to rebuild it, and c) have to fix all the interesting resume bugs that this creates (i.e., the box was falling when the player saved, but you forgot to write code that picked up where the fall left off, so now you have a box that get some random physics applied to it and floats or flies or sinks through the floor or whatever when the player reloads their game). And don't forget d) you need to make sure that your game engine is capable of smoothly reloading textures from any point in the level, without crazy pop-in and other stuff.

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RedditBest: The autopsy confirmed what Jackson had vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease


Not only did he have vitiligo, but he also had lupus. If you don't know what that is, please do some research--it's a pretty awful condition, and it's the reason he never went anywhere without an umbrella toward the end of his life.

Put yourself in his shoes: imagine you are quite literally most famous person in the world; you have cameras in your face ANY time you leave your home, and you have two diseases that seriously impact your physical appearance and health. In a world where people obsess about appearance, vitiligo would have ended his career. Ive always thought the right handed glove made it painfully clear he was covering something. Likely a depigmentation patch now that we know. How would any of you handle it? Everybody who thinks Micheal Jackson was such a 'wacko' has NO IDEA what living his life would have been like, nor do you understand how that would impact a person mentally. Many of us just had acne or bad hair when we were teens/young twenties. It turned many of us into self-conscious, basement dwelling redditors. Imagine if you had to be in the public eye under unbelievable scrutiny at that age, in all your flaws and insecurities. Would you try to hide them? Could you even deal with it? Could you handle those pressures and still go on to become (arguably) the greatest entertainer to ever live?

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RedditBest: Nest

What is the weirdest thing you have found in your kids bedroom? When my husband was little (talking 5 or 6 years old) his mother couldn't figure out why his room had been getting smellier and smellier over the previous 2 weeks. She finally did some...

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RedditBest: Dog food

What is your most regretful purchase of 2012? -Woke up after a night of clubbing with two big bags of dog food laying on the floor. I have no idea why I decided to buy them since I don't own a dog. I don't really regret it...

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