LikeViD: Dumbfoundead – For You


This one’s for my fifth grade crush
My middle school make out sessions on the bus
Fresh man hooking with high school sluts
Burning mix tapes with the bands that you loved
House party hickies and hooking that bra
Man it got real tricky
But got them panties off
To my first girlfriend
That had me feeling sprung
Then it had to end
Man, we were really young
But that rebound chick that I straight up used
To makean ex jealous
I know wasn’t cool
For the girls I smashed and never called back
For the bitches that dissed me
You ain’t all that
For the groupies on the road
That would drop it real low
For other chicks sending titty flix to my phone
For Jennifer and John
They never got along
For the crazy bitch writing about me in the blog
For that one freak that added me on the facebook
For that heartbreaker that got me writing …
For the ones I drunk out
And the ones I sexed
Sorry that I showed up to your crib unexpected
This is for the one night stands,
And two nights stays
Three months relationships
Few blind dates
For all the girls I mentioned
I wanna thank y’all
For helping me to write this song

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